The next time you’re planning a trip leave the guide books behind, forget the weeks of over excessive planning—just pick a place on the map and go. That’s how we found ourselves in the backcountry of Desolation Wilderness earlier this month.

It all started on a typical Friday evening: Wrapping up those last few emails, making final tweaks to photoshop documents, grabbing a beer out of the office fridge. That’s when the text message showed up: “Mountains tomorrow?”

A handful of texts later and we had a plan: Leave the bay around 7am Saturday morning and head towards the Echo Lake trailhead in Desolation Wilderness. Backpacks were packed late that night after returning home from drinks and a few hours of sleep were squeezed in.

We ended up six miles into the backcountry of Desolation Wilderness at Lake Aloha.

That’s all it took: Set forth. Adventures await.

Photos from the Four in Four project.

The idea for Four in Four was to document a trip across four states in four days where we would explore as much of the American Southwest as possible.

We decided to create Four in Four for one simple reason: To inspire others to get outside and truly experience the outdoors. To turn curiosities into obsessions. Outings into nighters. Pastimes into passions. To hopefully spark a sense of adventure in others.

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